November 21, 2013




It’s been a while since I’ve been around here.

I think I just needed a break.  Mostly, I think I just needed to step away long enough as to give myself permission for this not to be a priority.  I was letting it stress me out when I couldn’t stay updated on everything, or when I couldn’t answer every e-mail that came in – so, I’m back-ish, but maybe not as consistently.

I do wholeheartedly appreciate the comments and the e-mails making sure that everything was alright and saying you were still checking just in case.  It really did bless my heart.

So, a very abbreviated update of what is going on around the Popp house:



  We are working forward on the adoption.  At least that’s what they are telling us.  We had two caseworkers in a row that didn’t do a single. thing. on the adoption while they were on the case.  Essentially we are still at square one, when we were supposed to be finalizing in December.  I’m irked.  Two and a half years.  That’s how long my babies have been in the system.  Let’s get it together DCFS.  Once the adoption is completed there will be no shortage of ‘constructive criticism’ directed toward the agency in charge.  State, consider yourself warned.



  I started homeschooling this year.  I can’t homeschool Bella yet, because in our state you cannot homeschool children that are in the state’s custody.  The plan is for her to start staying home after the adoption.  So, right now I’m doing preschool with Tootaw and Sylvia, with a very eager Naomi at their heels and a very curious Vi pulling everything out of every drawer she can find while we work.  It’s busy, but it is so fun. 


extra services.

  Tootaw still has the early childhood special ed teachers coming to the house twice a week – but after coming out to our house for seven months they have basically concluded that they aren’t doing anything that we aren’t already doing at home.  So, I think they’ll be ending services soon – which is actually a little bit of a relief. 
  Homeschooling seems to be the route for Tootaw for sure – we have seen SO MUCH progress just in the last three months.  SO MUCH.  She’s doing great, and as I continue to learn more and more how to cater to her sensory needs it will be even better.  Praise Jesus.  Progress we weren’t sure we’d ever see.


empowered to connect.

  This summer we were trained to be Empowered to Connect trainers.  We didn’t waste any time, and we’re actually already finishing up our first class.  It has been such a blessing to share this curriculum.  We can’t wait to see where God takes it, and how he is going to use us in this amazing ministry.
  Brian and I are also co-developing a foster and adoption care ministry at our church.  Still in the grass roots stages – but so excited for where it’s headed!



  They’re all getting so big.  Now I can say we have five kids ages 6 and under, which gets a lot fewer crazy faces than five ages 5 and under.  Of course, we’re always anticipating DCFS calling us with the girls’ baby sister.  I think about her all the time.


Vi.  So big.



Sylvie at her fourth birthday breakfast.



Naomi, very quick to remind you that she is two and a half.


…I can’t wait to get to share pictures of Tootaw and Bella.  Soon.  So soon.


Until next time.


  1. So wonderful to hear how you are doing. Nothing like a bunch of strangers stalking your life and stressing you out not to disappoint them, huh?! Lol!

    Beautiful children. I homeschool also. And have been where you are with 2 in state custody in school and the other 5 at home. It will be an incredible difference when you can finally bring your sweet girl home. I have had all mine at home since May. It is such freedom when you finally get to that.

    Praying for you and yours!

  2. Love this update and you sharing your beautiful girls and life with us on this space. I know I've been saying this forever, but what a fun, precious bond they will have. Sisters are the best! (So is homeschooling!)

    Blogging breaks are good and so very necessary. I'm just now starting back up, too.

    Cannot wait to see Bella and Tootaw's beautiful faces. Believing that will be finalized SOON.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Beautiful Maggie! Glad to hear details, thanks for sharing.

  4. As another foster momma and now adoptive momma I love finding other to connect with and learn more! Love the blog! Great resource, last year when I started blogging it felt so alone, like all that was out there was int. adoption. Love seeing other foster Momma's :-)


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