December 16, 2008


Since becoming a mommy, I've had to be a little more creative in the way I spend time in the Word and learning from God. I've started listening to sermons on the computer, because I'm able to do that while feeding, changing, cleaning, etc. Recently I have found great blessing in Francis Chan's teaching, so I thought I'd post the link to his podcast just in case anyone would also like to listen....

So, Here's where to find them...

I hope you find blessing in them too!

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  1. I was just referred to your blog by a friend. My husband and I have been feeling called to begin fostering, and I must say it probably started by listeing to Francis Chan's sermons six months ago!I'm so excited to follow your blog and learn from someone who has been doing this awhile. It's an encouragement to hear your heart, so thank you for sharing!


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