January 6, 2009

Marriage at Its Best

...not that we haven't had our hiccups, or that we're particularly good at this - just to say that marriage, this marriage that God has blessed us with, is fabulous.  Today is our second anniversary and it's been a great journey so far.  We have grown so much, and changed so much in the last two years through all of our transitions.  We graduated from college, moved to Kansas City, started our first jobs, bought our first car, bought and moved into our first house, became members at Covenant Chapel, became licensed foster parents, I quit my job, and are now the parents of two beautiful girls.  No wonder it's gone by so fast!  I can't wait to see what God has in store for us for the next year.  I thank Him everyday (though not as much as I should) for the blessing that Brian has been in my life.

And to Brian,  thank you for being an amazing example of a Godly husband.  Thank you for making me take time to look at the sky, for being my optimist at the end of the day, and for leading our family to know God more.  I love you.        more.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I think your marriage is a wonderful picture of the way Jesus loves the Church. I love you guys!

  2. Happy Anniversary! We love you guys a lot. :)


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