April 6, 2009

Only by request....

At the request of my Edwardsville girls....I will post belly pictures.  Only for you would I make a pictoral history of myself going from small, to immense.  Love you girls.

                             Just under 12 weeks....the teeniest of pooches.

Just under 15 weeks....definitely growing.

To be honest...it took the better part of my first trimester to get used to the idea of being pregnant.  It might have had something to do with the fact that I didn't feel normal for 11 or 12 weeks....But now I love it.  I could do 15 weeks pregnant forever.  It's really incredible knowing that God is forming a baby inside of me, and that he is placing a soul in that little body that he already knows.  We have another appointment this week, and in just over 4 weeks we will almost definitely be finding out if we're having a little boy or a little girl.  Very, very excited.  I definitely feel like my belly is a little on the large side for 15 weeks - but I guess it could just be my build.  Last night I had a dream that my stomach got so huge it exploded.  It was painful.  I'm really kind of aiming for like....labor at 37 weeks with a baby just over six pounds.  That would be fabulous.
In other news, the girls are doing great!  Cassandra only has about a month and a half of school left.  I'm feeling a little bit timid about having both the girls home all day every day.  Mena is growing like crazy, and her personality (attitude?) is showing more all the time.  She is going to be a VERY strong willed child.  She tries to copy most of what we say, and now prefers to run instead of walk.  She's exhausting, but a ton of fun....most of the time.  :)  The temper tantrums I could do without...but we're working through that.  
Brian and I just found out that their case is essentially making no progress, and that there is still no timeline.  This is incredibly frustrating.  The girls need permanency.  Cassandra has started calling me mommy - and Mena doesn't know anyone but us as her parents.  They are not helping these girls.  It sounds like there is a possibility that they could still be with us when the baby comes.  (Insert prayer here.  LOTS of prayer.)  Needless to say I'm a little stressed out at this notion.  I've already told my mom that she may just need to get a Kansas drivers license....cause she could be here a while.  
On a much more relaxed note, we are leaving in 5 days with the girls to go to Hawaii for a week!!!!!   SO EXCITED!  Cassandra has a count down going on her chalk board and talks about it non stop.  She's a little concerned that there are sharks....but other than that really looking forward to the trip.  I can't wait for her to get to see everything.  She will never have another opportunity like this.  And a couple days on the sand could be nothing but good for this ever-growing mama too.

Anyway...just wanted to give a little update, since I've been horrible at that as of late.  There will of course be Hawaii pictures of our two beauties surrounded by flowers and sand.  :)  

P.S.  Prayer would be GREATLY appreciated for the girls case plan.  Prayer that there is progress and, finally, some closure for these girls.  Also that Brian and I would trust in the Lord regardless of what happens, and that we would be given strength in what may be more difficult times than anticipated.  Thanks so much.


  1. What?!? You're coming to Hawaii? Where are you staying?

    Seriously, though, great pictures. Can't wait to see you all.

  2. yayyyy!!! i love seeing you get bigger!!! aw mags your life is so incredible and exiting right now!!!


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