April 23, 2009

Already in love....

We had a doctor's appointment today and had an ultrasound. Because of my family history I get extra ultrasounds! yeah! It was by far one of the coolest things I've ever experienced - seeing this little baby inside of me moving around, fully formed. When the baby moved during the ultrasound I could see the baby move, and feel it, it was pretty cool. Anyway, we wanted to post a couple of the pictures from the ultrasound.

This is a good one of the profile - the dark mark in the center is the heart!

Legs and feet - the line coming off the belly is the placenta.

And last, but not least, our little one already doing some thumb sucking. :)

Oh, and we also thought that we'd let you know....

It's a GIRL!!!! :)


  1. Yea pictures! I've been checking your blog all evening. She's pretty :) Love - Aunt Jen

  2. Ava is going to have another girl cousin! Hooray!

    By the way, why do Popp men always have girls first? (Randy excepted)


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