July 20, 2009

Blessed are those who are worn out.....for they'll get a nap?

Our house has been a whirlwind the last few days. We had a 4 year old little boy placed with us for respite Thursday through Sunday. We had some significant challenges with him due to lots of severe developmental delays. He is not verbal at all, not even able to give yes or no answers. It made it very difficult to figure out mealtimes, discipline, and what was bothering him when he was upset. Cognitively he is also very behind. I would guess that overall he is at about the level of an 18 month old. In most ways, it was much easier for me to communicate with Mena than is was with him. All that being said, he was very sweet and we really enjoyed having him stay with us. He's just come into care recently, and hopefully with a lot of intense services in place, he'll make a lot of progress. Right now it's really impossible to tell what of his delays are due to disability, and what are due to all of the things he's been through.
Alan, the four year old, left on Sunday evening. My sister and my three nieces and nephews are coming to visit on Tuesday, and I was really thinking that I would have today (Monday) to get the house recovered from Alan before their visit....... best laid plans.....
At 5:00 this morning we got a phone call asking if we could take an emergency placement of a little boy who was just picked up at 11:30 last night. We didn't know anything except for why he was picked up, and that he was a 2 year old African American male. He was at our home at 6:00 in bad need of a bath. Brian helped me get him bathed and set up before he went to work. Thank goodness... This kid looks like he could be 31/2. He is a TANK! I can't lift him due to the largeness of my stomach. He's adorable, but it is abundantly clear that he has never had any structure in his life. We'll work with him for the time that he's here...and then someone is going to have quite the challenge! He's a lot of fun though - praise God for this opportunity to love him. I put up a couple pics from this afternoon - you can see the mischief in his eyes! :)

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