September 16, 2009


Ahhhh....where to start? Blogging has been few and far between because things have been so crazy, and we're gearing up for them to get even crazier!
Our sweet boy came to stay with us on September 3, and we've been kept on our toes ever since. I won't use his name in the blog due to some safety issues in this case - don't want anyone to be able to search out our blog! Anyway, he is so, so sweet and God has given us such an abundance of love for him. And God is absolutely blessing him to heal and grow! He came into the state's custody just three weeks ago, and at that time they placed him at a 4 month developmental level. (He's 15 months old) He had never rolled over, sat up, or interacted very much with any other people, and he weighed about 12 pounds. After three weeks of devoted love and attention, he is now 17 pounds 10 ounces, and I am watching him cruise around our coffee table! He has had a complete change in nutrition, but also I think that having love, attention, touch, and nurturing has aided his growth even more so.
Right now my head is spinning from all the appointments. Between meetings about the case, physical therapy, occupational therapy, weekly doctor's appointments, and the dentist we are on the run! (Secretly hoping the baby doesn't come until we get through all these initial evaluations!)
He has come so far, but also has so far to go. Physically he is catching up at an alarming rate. However, cognitively it is going to take more time. Overall I'd put him at about 7 months or so. He's not yet making distinct sounds, or playing with toys the way that most babies his age do - but we're hoping in time to get him more caught up in those areas too. Right now he has a ridiculous aversion to anything going into his mouth but his thumb or a bottle nipple. He's not ever had food before, and it's going to be a long road to get him to eat anything but Pediasure.
I know that in time, God is going to get him squared away. What a blessing it is that he was moved when he was - God surely has big plans for this little guy. It has been such a joy to be his parents, whatever God has in store, and to see him growing and changing so quickly!

Speaking of growing and changing quickly... enter ginormous belly. At my last appointment my midwife let us know that the baby has dropped, and is in perfect position for her soon to be grand entrance. I'm 38 weeks any time! A belly picture will be soon to follow.

I have a few prayer requests, and we so appreciate any prayers - what a blessing they have been in our journey so far!
- Our baby boy's continued growth and development and wisdom to know how to help him.
- Wisdom and discernment for the workers on his case.
- God's peace, endurance, and strength as we enter into having two very small babies.
- And for our baby girl's introduction to this world!

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  1. Father thank you for this sweet family. Please be with them during this busy time. Give them strength, wisdom, and lots of energy. Thank you for the amazing example they are of your love! Amen!

    Love reading your blog, Maggie.


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