November 3, 2010

Something up His sleeve.

  Have you ever been bombarded by a billion (or five or ten) different places or people all speaking to you of the same need?  Or there is something on your heart that you just cannot dismiss that keeps being affirmed by random occurrences?  It seems to happen to us a lot.

  I liken it to God putting a piece of sand in the middle of my heart.  Which does not sound comfortable at all.  Which is why I liken this feeling to it.  God puts it there and lets it bother me for a while, and the longer it’s there, the more it bothers me.  And eventually, when I feel like saying, “Ok, God, enough with the sand already.  What’s your point??”  then he reaches in an pulls out the pearl he has for us that’s been baking.

  Except generally these pearls are not the ooh and ahh kind.  Usually they are the challenging, get off your rear, make you uncomfortable, “Really God?  You want me to do THAT?” kind of pearls.

  Like when God told us we needed to foster.  When we finally picked up on what he was preparing us for, we were uncomfortable and scared, and we, along with most people we told, thought we were insane.



All this to say, there is a piece of sand that has all but rubbed my heart raw.

I’m not sure what He is preparing us for, but I know that in His typical fashion (which always is much better than my own) it will probably be hard.  He’s given me a few hints, but nothing conclusive.  But we’ll see.

Will it include fostering?  I don’t know, but I hope so.  Will it make us uncomfortable?  You can be sure.  Will it grow us in the end?  Undoubtedly.

I do know I have a refreshed longing to do whatever it is that He has for us.  And I pray that He always uses us in ways that we cannot take the credit for.

For now I’ll just do some prinking.


  1. Yikes... sounds a whole lot like what has been going on with my husband and I.... I can't quite put it into words yet, but God is so challenging us beyond anything we have ever considered.... Wonder what He has in store;)

  2. Wow, can't wait to hear what it is! Thanks for being such an example of following hard after God! You are a big inspiration to me!

  3. Can't wait to see what He has in store for your family!! So exciting!

  4. Whatever you do it will be amazing.

    As for my personal feelings I hope you keep fostering because you are a great support!

  5. Wow... now I'm dying of curiosity.

  6. that was an awesome way to explain that feeling! i totally know what you mean and am there with you!

    i can't wait to hear what God is trying to get you to do! ;)

  7. A beautiful way to say it... life has been full of grains of sands in the last three years and God has done some spiffy, not very easy, teaching in our lives.

    You have no idea who I am, but I have lived in Edwardsville (I saw you mention something about it on your blog) for the last 3 1/2 years and am good friends with the Baileys and Krugers. Thanks for letting strangers in on part of your life.


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