August 17, 2010


  The time period after children leave our home to the time new children come to join us always feels like a bit of a crossroad.  For just a few days, or a couple of weeks, we are not foster parents, and it’s during these times that it seems to occur to us that this is a choice -  as opposed to when we have children placed with us and it just is, it is just our life.  But it is during these times that I sometimes come to the realization that I could wake up tomorrow and decide not to do this anymore.  I doubt anyone would question us, it’s not a decision I think we’d have to defend – that would just be it.


Except for that part about fostering being what God has asked us to do.

You know.

Minor details.


But it is during these transitions that I tend to reevaluate.  Is this still what we should be doing?  Is this what is best for our family?  Can we continue to do this?  Would life be easier if we didn’t?  (duh.) 

When in all reality, there is only one question I should be asking.


I just recently listened to this sermon by Francis Chan (love listening to him – incredible wisdom.) where he is discussing a major crossroads in his life.  He talks about how he is only ever about 80% sure of any decision he makes – culminating from lots of thinking and praying (which he calls ‘prinking’, “I just prink, and prink, and prink.” Ha!).  At some point in there, you start feeling more peace one way or the other.  This is how he came to the conclusion to resign as the pastor at his church to leave and do inner city ministry.


He talks about how several people have come to him and lamented about how they wish they could do that.  They wish they could do something that radical for God, but they just can’t.  It’s not feasible, it’s not responsible, it’s not possible.  His response?  Of course you can, and of course it is.

He goes on to share one of his favorite verses in the bible: James 5:17.  Elijah was a man, just like us.  Elijah, who through prayer caused draught and then rain.  Elijah, whose cry to God brought the life back to a young boy.  He’s just like us.


If Elijah could do these things, then I am certain that with God we can continue to foster, that it will be best, that it will be fruitful.  I am certain that the only question I should be asking is,

“Is God asking it of me?”

Yes?  Well, ok then.


  1. this made me want to cry. it seems like I have been living in the "I could walk away" for quite a few months now. I KNOW this is what God wants me to do but satan is trying everything to get us to stop. It is mostly mental and he is playing on our hurt.

    I am glad you listen. I am glad you want to do what GOD wants you to do!

  2. This is so good- it's a mental road block most people don't even know they have.

    That thought, that only amazing, incredible, extraordinary people do things like fostering, or inner city ministry, or becoming president, etc. is what holds so many great people back from their potential. People become amazing, incredible, and extraordinary simply by making a decision to follow God. Going through what God wishes for us (instead of our own desires) makes us into all of the good that God knows we are. It's sooo difficult, but amazing to see what He can make of us.

  3. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! (excuse my sudden burst of blog-love.)

  4. I too am infatuated :) I could totally relate to your feelings and your thoughts were written so eloquently. It would be so easy to just not do it...other than thats what God has called us to do...what he made me to do.
    Thanks for your thoughts and encouraging me through sharing them.

  5. I was listening to Francis Chan on focus on the family while I read this post!! And as I got to that part it took my breathaway... He has really moved me recently. He puts it out there so clearly... and call us to not just study the bible but to live it.

    Sometimes foster care can be so hard and I wonder how easy my life would be if we were to stop taking placements but when I'm called to do something who am I to choose the easy way. This video totally brought it home for me! Thanks for the awesome post!


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