August 5, 2010

Making Memories

When we started fostering, Brian and I decided that we wanted to start some kind of tradition with the kids placed with us that would be a way for both of us to always remember our time together.  We decided that we would take any kids that were with us long term to a ceramics studio (similar to this) to paint something to keep.

When we go, our kids get to pick something fun for them to paint that they can keep, and we also have them paint a light switch cover or receptacle cover that we can put in our house.  Our house is slowly becoming decorated with memories, bittersweet.  Everytime I notice one of the covers it reminds me of our time with one of our kids, and reminds me to pray for them as well.

By luck, we happened to take Jae to the ceramics studio the night before he left.



He chose to paint a box shaped like a tank.




And he chose the colors and the design of the light switch cover that he painted.



Which now decorates our hallway.


Miss you Jae.  Miss you Zee.  Love you.


  1. That is a wonderful heartfelt tradition. No one is ever gonna want to leave your nest!

  2. That is an excellent idea. I'll have to remember that one.

  3. That's a great idea...i love it!

  4. What a neat idea to remember each child and show them in a tangible way that they are forever a part of you. It would tug at your heartstrings to turn on and off the light though.

  5. i love it. and I love that God got you there in time to have something to remember the boys by.

    i take pictures of all of our kids with a rocking horse that I played on as a child. i didn't get a chance to take a formal picture of Kenny on it, but as it turns out I have a picture of him sitting in a toy shopping cart that is adorable and the rocking horse is in the background. it is also the first picture his adoptive family ever saw of him. very special to me. i have it up in a picture frame that holds lots of pictures, of all my kids, right by the front door.


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