August 22, 2010

Project 365 – Week 26

Major Fail.  We lost the charger for our good camera….so until we get a new one we’re left to the iPhone for pictures.  Boo.  Anyway….GREAT week.


Sylvie girl loves the swings now.  I’m pretty sure we hit ‘em up three times just this weekend.





We got to go to a party for a friend’s 3rd birthday.

Sylvie and her friend Zack had lots of fun in the water.

IMG_0028  ….and eating grass.IMG_0031


Who are those monkeys in that tree?  Can you see them?  Do you recognize those beautiful faces?



My sewing machine broke this week. (Actually my mom’s sewing machine.  I guess I should give her a call and let her know.)  It would be very, very sad – except that my wonderful husband bought me a NEW ONE!


This is me marveling  over this wonderful piece of machinery.

I’ve never been so in love with an inanimate object.


Sylvia has just really started getting into her baby doll.  She gives it to me to pat, hold, and kiss, and then it’s her turn.  It’s really very cute.




And sometimes I get a little snuggle in there too.  Which is just the absolute best.  Love that girl.


  1. I can't believe Brian got you a new sewing machine! Way to go, Brian! (I also can't believe you didn't bring that 3 yo a bday present...just kidding!) I found some more grass in Zach's ear today, by the way.

  2. fun with sylvie & a new sewing machine...are you on a vacation too? :)


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