August 6, 2010

10 Months.

Whew, girl.  You are a force to be reckoned with.

You don’t sit still for more than about 15 seconds at a time.  Even when you’re nursing.  I’m not exaggerating.  You have places to go and things to see – you have lots to figure out in this world!  This month you’ve managed to figure out how to get a twist-top lid off, you opened my phone and dialed 911 (not a joke.  they called me back a few seconds later to make sure all was well.),  you’ve learned how to get out of your straps in your highchair (leading to a heart attack for Mommy when you decided to see how far it was to the floor),  and you’ve figured out how to take the rubber bands off that we use to keep you out of the cabinets – so you’ve taken free reign over those as well.

The thing is – is that you’re just so cute when you’re doing all of these things, that it’s hard for me to even care!  And you’re not even being ornery – you’re just exploring!  Reminds me an awful lot of someone else I know – you know, the one that you now lovingly call ‘Dada’.



Now you call me ‘mama’, and your Daddy ‘dada’, and your newest is ‘Nana’ (which you can be sure, melts her heart every time.).  You also mimic our voice inflections now too – so even when you don’t get the word, you babble with the same inflections and think you are big stuff.  You also love to blow raspberries, and smack your lips.

You can crawl incredibly fast now.  You’ve also figured out how to stand un-assisted, and you can do it for quite a while.  You have also just taken your first steps this week – yesterday you made it four steps!  We’re trying to get it on video, but you refuse to do it for the camera.  When you can’t reach something you get up on your chubby little tippy toes and stretch as hard as you can – so. cute.

Speaking of cute – you laugh at everything.  Anytime you hear someone else laugh, you give a little chuckle.  Anytime you think you’ve done something really big, you laugh at yourself, like a little verbal pat on the back.  Anytime I make a funny face, anytime we do something exciting, anytime someone’s talking to you – you giggle.  You are such a happy girl.  You also love to dance.  Anytime there is any kind of music playing you start bouncing and swaying and look at me like, “Come on mama, let’s get down!”

If I ask you, “How big is Sylvia?” then you throw your arms up in the air – this big!  You love patty-cake.  You’ve also started waving – either a frenzied up and down of your entire arm (which actually moves your entire body) or a little wave with your fingers.

We started having Daddy put you to bed in your crib at the beginning of the night.  I was really thinking it would be a long slow process to get you to stay there all night – but after just a couple of nights you started sleeping through the night in your room!  Very, very, bittersweet.  I miss having you in bed with me all night.  Sometimes I go get you just so I can snuggle you – because after sleeping with you for 9 months, sometimes your room seems so far away!

You will eat almost anything.  You love eating big people food.  Your favorites are yogurt, black beans, and chicken.  At your nine month appointment you weighed 18 pounds 3 ounces and were 27 inches long. (30th % in both.)  You still love to nurse (thank goodness!).  For a few days there you gave me a scare – I thought you were going to wean yourself already.  I’m not ready for that yet!




I love you sweet girl.  You bring me more joy than anything else in the world.  And even though  I know you’re anxious to learn all these new things, it would really be alright if you were my little baby for a bit longer. 


Love you, love you, love you,



  1. Maybe she's gonna be petite like her mama :) It seems Timmy has already passed her up in size...didn't see that coming for a while! Hehe

  2. I love and hate these posts. I love reading about what Sylvia is up to but hate to think about Zach being the same age in just a week. They're growing up too fast!

  3. Beautiful Sylvie, beautiful mommy, there's a beautiful blogger award waiting for you over at my page.

  4. They are growing up too fast! I had to laugh, because I think that first pic Sylvie has a nice hold of Elliana's hair. Or really just a love tug. :)


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