August 30, 2010


So I’ve been a little MIA as of late.  I haven’t really felt much like posting lately (more on that later.), and things have just been so quiet around here (with the exception of that Hallelujah Corus singing the soundtrack to my life.).

Our little family has been soaking up sharing some undivided attention.  We’ve been enjoying the carefree life that is only having one child – going to the store whenever we want without acquiring a mind splitting headache, going to dinner and just having fun, going to the park, hangin’ with friends – so many things that we haven’t been able to do with such abandon in months.  We’ve even gone on a couple of impromptu road trips – because we don’t have to get travel approval!  Ha!

Needless to say, we are enjoying a little down time.

We have gotten several phone calls the last couple of weeks, but none we felt that we could say yes to.  Most involved either very large sibling groups, physical aggression, or older boys with no background info.  So we’re just waiting, and enjoying life.  Waiting to see what God’s got for us next – because I just have this funny feeling he’s about to pull a fast one on us.

Sylvie’s first birthday is also coming up (how in the world did that happen?!?!) so I’ve been planning that along with two baby showers for friends.  Fun stuff.  Good stuff. 


Anyway – I’m back in business, no more slackin.  Maybe I’ll post some Sylvie videos soon for her Aunties and Uncles.


  1. i'm glad that you guys are enjoying being a family of 3! we had that for about 7 is such a blessing to spoil your one and only!

  2. Enjoy your respite and time with your Sylvie and Brian.

    You both work so hard with the children that you take in, it's hard on a care giver - take it from one who knows, Care givers need breaks.

    I'm sure God's got a great plan for you!

  3. I'm so glad you're getting a break and some time to enjoy that cute little baby girl of yours.

  4. Thanks for checking in :)

    Happy for your down time, while also happy that you're still in the fostering game.

  5. Glad you're getting a good break and enjoying all the perks.

  6. so excited you'll be up and blogging again...I'm missed your posts. Thinking of y'all as you wait for the Lord to bring along another child for you! : )


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