December 13, 2010

I suck at Project 365.

And I did so well for so long.  But, I’ve completely fallen off the wagon, so I figured I’d just post some pictures to appease the Aunties out there.  Maybe even a video.



Sylvie has started mimicking everything we do.  (I almost typed ‘mocking’, which will probably be appropriate in a few short years.)



While we were babysitting for some friends, we figured out that we should just buy her a box.  So much better than any toy.  And if I didn’t put a door – it would be a great babysitter. 


I could even put Brian in there with her and then the house would stay really clean.

(I’m kidding.  I would put a door at least big enough for Sylvia to get out of.)



Oh the drama.  This kid’s got that market cornered.

But she’s still pretty cute, even when she is being dramatic.



Sylvia giving kisses to our friend’s 5 week old baby.  So sweet.

We’re prepping for #2, so far, so good.



We were trying to catch Sylvia’s ‘excited face’ on camera.  It’s hilarious.  She gets so excited that her whole body starts quivering.



And these ridiculously rich, wonderful, chocolaty pieces of goodness are the peanut butter balls and chocolate dipped oreos that my husband made.  And then left in the fridge.  While I’m at home all day.  By myself.

And then he got upset when I ate some of them. (or half of them…)

Could someone remind him that I’m pregnant?


  1. Coralyn is really good about mimicking us too -- you really have to watch what you say and do :)

    She loves boxes as mother-in-law got her one for her birthday and that was the best present ever. Maybe we should have gotten her a really big one for Christmas! :)

  2. She is so cute!!! I think 365 is overrated. Take fewer but better pictures anyway what are you going to do with all those photos anyway?? I like the chocolate photo Yum!!!

  3. Nice Pitures! Going to make it a priority to join a ministry!


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