January 7, 2011

Tanzania Post #1 of 250,000 TZS.

  I’ve spent a lot of the last 48 hours converting the cost of things in Tanzanian Shillings (TZS) to dollars.  It makes my brain hurt.  Brian says, ‘oh, it’s easy.  You just multiply everything by about 3/4.’  (Have I mentioned that math and I have a hate/hate relationship?)  So, needless to say, I will likely be carrying around a calculator the first several months we’re there.


  Brian returned from his trip with even more excitement than when he left.  The trip served as confirmation for many of the things we were already thinking, and also helped to assuage many of our concerns.  Not that it doesn’t, in some respects, still seem completely insane – but God has been good to grant us peace in place of fear and trust in His plan. 

  Of course I’m still trying to catch and assemble random pieces of information that escape Brian’s sleep deprived mind.  Eventually everything coming out of his mouth will start making sense again – I hope?


  We learned quite a bit more about what our purpose there will be, and also a lot more about the organization.  It really is uncanny the way their current needs align with our skill sets.  More on that later – lots of exciting things to share.

  The pictures and stories tell a tale of another world so unlike ours.  A world completely disconnected from the U.S. view of normal and what we feel entitled to.  It’s all a matter of perspective I suppose.  Clean water.  Safe food.  Access to healthcare.  Provision to care for our children.

  But through the poverty, the pictures also show an incredible beauty.



Beauty in the children.





Beauty in the culture.



Beauty in the land.

  I pray that God would give us the skills and the resources to serve the best and the most we can.  The eyes to see need and pair it with hope.  But I also pray that amidst the things we will see that cause pain, that we won’t miss the beauty in the people that we serve.



  Where to from here?  Brian and I will begin raising support for our time there as soon as we can.  We have a lot of logistical things to work out, and we have to try to draw up a budget the best we can.  We have to get the house ready to sell, and get ready for baby Popp #2 who will be here in three short months!  Lots of excitement!

It’s also been such a blessing to be forced to recognize our dependence on God.  We are confident he will provide as he sees fit.  Hope to post more soon!


  1. We are so excited for you, and will be praying for you guys throughout the journey--

  2. Maggie,

    I am soooo excited for you guys! Once you get support set up, let us know. I know we will want to make at least a one time donation to get you started.

    It is sooo inspiring to see you guys follow hard after God, wherever He leads! You won't regret it, at all! I admire your faith and trust and obedience. I want to be like you and Brian when I grow up :)

    Keep us posted, and don't leave the country without spending time with us first! :)

  3. So exciting! Can't wait to hear more, more and more! Those kiddos are so beautiful. :)

    God is so incredible and I am excited for the journey He has you all on.

    Love you guys,
    The Ketters

  4. brian is crazy. i dont even know what *multiply everything by 3/4 * means!! just that statement makes my head hurt!!

    Praying for you guys!

  5. Wow. And just like that you are headed to Africa. I can definitely see the beauty. But I also know we'll miss you lots.

  6. It is wonderful to see people of faith following their personal promptings from God. Such an act of faith can accomplish amazing things, for ourselves and others. Having faith is not about never doubting, it's about not knowing everything and going forward anyway. If you knew for sure it would be knowledge, not faith.

    It is beautiful there. Your idea to see the beauty in the difficult times is key to making it through. As well as a sense of humor - multiplying by 3/4?!!

  7. Ohh... I was waiting for your first update! Excited to hear what God is doing! Can't to wait to hear more!


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