February 7, 2011

Snow Fun!

(Also commonly referred to as ‘lots of pictures of Sylvia’.)

Sylvia is obsessed with her baby dolls right now.  It’s really, very cute.  She rocks the babies, sings to the babies, kisses the babies, drops the babies, snuggles with the babies…  She loves laying down and pretending to go night-night with them too.

I’m sure it’s shocking to find we’ve had snow.  Lots.  Sylvia LOVES the snow and is very, very upset when we make her come inside.

Daddy ran her up and down the street in the snow-wagon, and she thought it was the best thing in the entire universe.

Second best thing in the entire universe?  Snow ice-cream.

She also really loves to “help” me with stuff around the house.  Like folding laundry.  (AKA: wait for mommy to get it folded, and then quickly unfold as much of it as you can.  Then, try to put on as many articles of clothing as you can before mommy has a chance to take them away.)
P.S.  See the nice shiner under her eye?  She’s had no fewer than 3 shiners in her 15 months.  Active child?  Yes.

Belly/Baby post to come soon!  Sorry for those who have requested and been left waiting.  It’s really gotten much bigger.  (The belly, that is.)

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  1. I love these pictures..especially in her little pink hat!! She keeps looking older all the time - what's up with that? ;-)


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