February 11, 2011

Paint? No EAT! Pt. 2

Sylvia and I recently had some fun with pudding.  It reminded me of almost exactly one year ago when I did the same thing with X-Man.  Still miss him, still think about him, still pray for him.



Sylvia agreed with X-man – eating the pudding is much more fun than playing in it.  I tried to smoosh her hands in it just like I did with him.  “See, look!  It’s so much fun to make a mess in the pudding!!”  But Sylvie was not so much into the painting aspect of this craft.



Nom-nom. Instead she just licked it straight off the table.  Who needs spoons??IMG_0611

Once she couldn’t get any more up, she grabbed my hand and used it as a squeegee and then licked it off to get the rest.  She’s resourceful. 

“Mom, you wanted me to waste all this goodness on finger painting?  Have you tasted this???”










(Yes.  That is another shiner on her right eye.  That would make for number 4.  If she just didn’t run so much – and in circles to boot!)


  1. Gosh, I haven't had much time to read my favorite blogs... it's been awhile since I've seen Sylvia - she is so darn cute and growing so fast.

    Great photography Mom!!!

  2. So cute! You're such a fun mom to your sweet Sylvia!!


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