February 18, 2010

Paint? No, EAT!

I thought X and I would have some fun finger painting. I was actually going to make these homemade finger paints...but then I opened our fridge and there was pudding in it! Lazy? No. The pudding would have gone bad otherwise.
Anyway, I was very excited about this fun activity. Much more excited than, say, X-man when I sat him on the table in the middle of a bunch of pudding. He was not a huge fan.

That is, until he found out it was EDIBLE. Oh, now this changes things. When he found out that he could eat the pudding, this was all of a sudden a very, very fun activity. I would try to smear his hands in it to encourage his finger painting skills - but the only thing he was interested in smearing was his hand across his mouth!
This may look like finger painting. But really, it is a very concerted effort to scrape ALL of the pudding off of the paper.

Boy oh boy, this kid's done a real 180 since way back when, yeah? I'll post an update when I hear anything about the court hearing.


  1. Love it! E and I would love to come finger paint the next time you do this. I have another fun recipe with shaving cream and whip cream that is super fun and easy!

  2. That is SO cute!!! Such a great idea.

  3. I just came over from Kelly's Korner, and I think it is so amazing what you do as a foster parent. My husband and I have already thought about fostering as well. I look forward to finding out a little bit more about the process through your blog.

    You can visit me at findingblessingsineverday.blogspot.com

  4. Hi! I just saw your comment on my blog (The Mommy Tribune). I found you on Kelly's Korner. And, yes I am SO excited to become a foster parent. So good to find someone in the same boat. :)


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