February 8, 2010

Project 365 - Week 1

Week one of Project 365. I never claimed to be some prolific photographer...but I think this will be fun.Fairly typical X pic. He does this daily - sneaks into the pantry while I'm nursing Sylvie and eats whatever he can find - he's a stinker like that.
He loves baby Sylvie - and I think she'll miss having a big brother when he leaves too.
This photo compliments of X. If he can get his hands on the camera, he likes taking pictures because it makes the flash pop up and go off.
Clean girl. No better smell than a clean baby!
SNOW. The story of our lives this week.
Does this picture need a caption? I don't think so.
My sweet girl turned FOUR months this week!!!

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  1. What a precious baby! I look forward to seeing her grow this year...

    And good for you guys for being foster parents - the world needs GOOD fosters, that's for sure!


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