February 4, 2010

You Know How I Like a Good Deal...

Some may call Brian and I cheap. I prefer thrifty. Bargain hunter. Fiscally efficient. I love knowing I spent less on something than I had to because I waited for that perfect deal. This penny-pinching has led to Brian and I making a lot of our own furniture and decorations - which I love.
Anyway, the only thing I like more than a good deal is FREE! I read about this on another blog I follow and I thought I'd pass it along... If you go here they'll give you one free 8x10 canvas print of a picture of your choosing. You just pay S&H. It's also 50% off if you order additional pictures. I'm excited...definitely ordering one.

Just thought I'd share for anyone else who is cheap...I mean thrifty.

P.S. after installing my nifty hit counter (bottom right), I figured out that there are several people (and by several, I mean like...20!) who keep up with my blog who don't ever comment! I am all for blog stalking...so don't be shy. I'd love to hear your comments!


  1. I just found your blog! I'm going to check that painting thing out. We definitely try to be thrifty people! I'm also excited to read about your adventure as foster parents. That is definitely something that has been in the back of my head for a while. Not sure when, if ever, it will manifest itself, but I'm excited to read and learn more about it!

  2. Hey there! Thanks SO much for the comment on my blog. I love meeting families that share the same love and passion for fostering. The struggles (and many joys) that come from fostering are things that can only be understood by fellow foster families. It is so nice to have to have people to share that with. Thanks for following my blog...I'm following yours too!


  3. Hey! Just jumped on your blog from your post on MckMama's blog frog about "a good deal." Here's why it's so powerful to me. I just made a call TODAY to request more info on respite foster care. I have 3 children and am hoping we are blessed with more. My husband and I have to keep the foster care in continued prayer. I would love to communicate with you about it a little. I don't know anyone who has been a foster parent but I felt very comfortable today starting the process and exchanging all of our info & wishes. I'd love to chat if you get a minute...sounds like you're busy!! Congratulations on your baby girl!

  4. Kylie- I loved reading your blog, and could relate so much to your heartache. Thanks for stopping by - I hope I can encourage you like you have me.

    Anne - I'd love to chat and answer any questions you have! I was just praying that if I wasn't able to help anyone through this, that no one would even stop by the blog. I'm so happy you commented, and I'm so happy to share my experiences with you!

  5. my husband and i are in the process (class #6) of becoming foster parents would you be willing to ask you some questions and get some advice.
    love amanda

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and looking forward to following yours.

  7. I realize that not only have I been stalking you for a little while, I've been reading back posts and.. if you ever check stats, you'd be all 'who IS this stalker woman?! weird canadians..'

    So hello! My name is Roz, and I am a crazy Canadian stalker. No, wait. Umm.. (love your blog!)


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