February 6, 2010

X-man on the Move

Here's the promised video of the X-man in motion. He's walking more on his own now (we don't have to hold a carrot out in front of him anymore), but he still crawls a lot because speed is more his thing. He is so proud of himself.
He also now likes to put things in the baby's mouth. This is a fabulous new trick. Just today I'm pretty sure she's tasted the puzzle piece, a mega block, his finger, and he might have even shared one of his boogers with her. ...At least he's sharing...sharing is a good thing, yeah?
X-man has also discovered his operatic voice. He sings while doing everything - pulling all the books off the book shelf, emptying the trashcan, eating lunch. This is how I know he's awake in the morning now. I hear him singing himself a beautiful song - and it really is one of the best sounds in the world.
His court date was reset for February 18th, and we're fairly certain he will probably move shortly thereafter. Of course we've been told he'll be moving soon for 4 months now, so we're not placing any bets.

Anyway, without further ado - X-man, mobile style.


  1. Oh my God... this post and video made me cry. I hope he can stay in your home, you give him the love that he needs!


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