May 20, 2011

A well. A building. A baby.

  I haven’t posted much about Samaritan Village lately.  I think this is approximately where I left off:

  We are members of the board of directors, and are working with them to get through some kinks in the structure of the organization so that they are in a place where they can send a couple of American’s over to serve. (us?)  Not sure how long this will take – God’s speed.  When we get to that place, we’ll see if it is us he will send, or someone else!  In the meantime, we’re serving in the way that we see God putting in front of us!


  We are working on building a second orphanage about two hours away from the current orphanage.  This orphanage came about because a woman came from the area (bringing twins to leave at the orphanage.) and explained that there were lots of children dying in her area because they were being abandoned.  So : orphanage number two.  This orphanage is in Mwanga.  Very exciting.



  Yesterday we got a phone call from the president of the organization to let us know that someone in California made a very large donation to the organization with the intent to dig the well for the second orphanage, and to build the first building there!  Praise God!  So, overnight we went from wondering how God was going to provide for us to build the second orphanage, to having a good portion of it covered!  This came among several other answered prayers regarding the Mwanga orphanage – what a blessing.

Well: Check.

Primary Building: Check.


  Other news on the Samaritan Village front:  A new baby was brought to the Arusha orphanage yesterday! 





  He was found abandoned about 4 kilometers outside of the city.  Amazingly, he was found in generally good health at the hospital before he was taken to the orphanage.  They think he is approximately 11 months old (he’ll be assigned a ‘birthdate’).  He’s not been given a name just yet.


  If you could send up a prayer for this little guy, I think he’ll probably have a rough couple of weeks.  Luckily he’s got lots of loving Mamas to take care of him at Samaritan Village!

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  1. Oh goodness, could he be any more precious? I want to pick him up and wrap my arms around him! Sweet baby.


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