November 28, 2011

Answered prayer, aching heart.

It’s been really busy?


I guess that’s my excuse for telling you that Bella had a hearing, and then not updating.

But you all let me know.

So here’s an update, for all the e-mails and questions! 

(I feel very blessed that there are so many people who care to stay updated!)


All reports at court were good!

I knew that Dad was doing well – he’s been very motivated since day one.  Mom I was a little more concerned about – but apparently she’s come around and is doing very well also.

They have planned for Bella to start doing overnight visits every Saturday beginning in a week and a half.  These overnights will culminate in a four day visit over Christmas (hard not to have mixed emotions over that!).

Also, the court approved for them to have a 30 day trial home visit some time in the next 90 days.  I’m guessing it will start some time in January.


Honestly – this is what foster care should look like.

Motivated parents, progress, teamwork to overcome barriers to reunification.  I am so thankful for progress that is cautious.  Progress that includes the agency still keeping tabs on how things are going, and setting the parents up for success.  Progress that is not overwhelming for Bella, her parents, us – but is still working toward home.




With that said, we are headed into a transition back home.

None of our kids in the past have had a proper transition, for several different reasons.  I think a well played transition is more the exception than the rule. 

But even now, being given notice in months instead of days or hours, it seems so fast.  It’s just that gripping realization that before this season has even had it’s last snow, it is likely that our beautiful Bella will no longer be here with us.



That is mixed with an intense joy for her and her parents.  This is what I have prayed and prayed and prayed for them.  Through long nights rocking her to sleep through the tears, this is what I have begged for.

Fix the brokenness, mend the hearts, graft this family back together.  Redemption.


I am so happy for Bella, and so happy for her parents.  I pray the next couple of months are smooth and healing.

And although my heart aches at the thought of her leaving, I know that He gives and takes away for our good, and for His glory.  I will cherish the time we have with her, while championing her family’s new beginning.


  1. Amen.

    Tonight we decorated the Christmas tree. When I pulled out the ornament we gave our foster son last year the waterworks started. It caught me off guard. It reminded me of the vibrant joy we had in transitioning him to another home, but also the heartache of saying goodbye at this time last year.

    It's good for kids to be home for Christmas but there is a tinge of bitter.

  2. We are experiencing the same thing! It has helped my sorrow in saying goodbye to the daughter we had for 15 months (since she was two months old!) to be focused on the joy her family has had in welcoming her home.

  3. that is one of those bittersweet things, good and awful at the same time. Hope the transition goes well.

  4. So beautifully said. Thank you for sharing your heart. This is what fostering should look like. Praying for your family and Bella and her family as well. May this be a sweet season celebrating our Redeemer and the redemption He offers us all.

  5. I truly love reading your blog and I would like to nominate your for the Liebster Blog Award and set a link to your blog on mine. I hope it is ok?


  6. It's encouraging to hear a fostering story where the team works together and the system functions as it should. Thanks for sharing.

    Good luck to you, your family and Bella as you move through this transition.


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