October 18, 2012

18 Months.


My little Naomi Rahab, you are 18 months old.  Most people who see you guess that you are about 12 months old and are shocked at all you can do.  At 17 months you weighed a whopping 17lbs., so it’s no wonder people get confused.  I’m not sure you’ve grown a ton in the last month, so I’d say you might be pushing 18 pounds.

You’re itty bitty.



You are absolutely not itty bitty when it comes to personality though.  I think that mostly in an effort to keep up with your sisters, you live up to every definition of spitfire.  And I’m not sure that descriptor even quite covers it. 

You already have an ornery look that makes me nervous.  Your joy spills out of every pore.  But when you believe you’ve been scorned?  You let everyone know.  You have developed a pretty bad habit of scratching, biting, pushing, and any other form of forcing your will to be known.  We’re working on that.  You’re also very daring.  You’re a climber, a tester, and a dare devil.  You make your Mommy nervous.






You work very hard to keep up with your sisters.  I’m not sure you’ll be so passionate about the little baby that is going to enter your life in a short 2+ months – you are the baby, and you like it that way.

You love your sisters so much.  You get so excited when you first see Sylvia, Bella, or Tootaw in the morning, and you want to be in on every little thing they do.  And as long as they aren’t taking up room on your Mommy’s lap or playing with something that you want, you are just excited to be with them.

You’ve had your ups and downs in the sleep department, but things seem to have leveled off (at least for a week or so) and you are sleeping very well.  Your Daddy rocks you down at night and sings to you, which I’m sure will make for the same sweet bond that Sylvie shares with him.





You have lots of words now – but you have figured out that you can usually get away with a grunt or a pointing finger – so you don’t use them all that much.  You can say Mommy, Daddy, yes, no, up, baby, ball, book, thank you, sorry, shoes, that, water, dog, and cat ….I’m sure I’m leaving out a few.  You know several of your animal noises.  You love to read books, and you like to “read” books to me too.  You love, love, love to play outside, and I think you’re going to be sad in a couple weeks to find out that your whole life won’t consist of summertime.

You are still nursing, and I’m not sure your going to be weaning yourself all too soon.  It seems like you know it’s the one thing you have with me that the other girls can’t take.  I’m ok with that, although you will have to get used to having another little baby around before too long.

You are a Mommy and Daddy’s girl.  Anytime I take you to a nursery or leave you at a friend’s house, as soon as your realize what we’re there for you squeeze my neck and lay your head on my shoulder.  You’re very hesitant to leave my side.  You do great while I’m gone – but when we get back to pick you up you light up, get an excited look on your face, throw your hands in the air, and run to us!  It’s wonderful.




You, little lady, have enough personality for three or four kids.  I can’t wait to see how you grow and change and how that personality is expressed as you get older.  You may be in the middle of a big huddle of sisters, but you will not let yourself go unheard.  And that’s good.  God has given you that voice for a reason, little one, and he will use that passionate exuberance in wonderful ways (after some refining.  you do have to stop scratching.)  You look a lot like me, and got a dose of excitement and exuberance from both me and your Daddy.





I love you more than you will ever understand.  I pray for you every day – and I also pray, basically all day long, that I can be the Mommy that you and your sisters need me to be.  I love you, even when I need grace.  You are a light, sweet one.  And I cannot wait to see how you shine as you grow.


Love you, love you, love you,


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