February 5, 2013

Horn Creek–Have I mentioned this before?



I know I make a plug for Horn Creek at least once a year, but we just signed up yesterday and I’m so excited that I can’t help it!

Horn Creek is a family camp in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains in Colorado.  They have several weeks of family camp throughout the year.  Camp is one week long, you stay in cabins, hang out with your family and other families for the week.  And someone else cooks for you all week.






  Besides the whole broken arm thing, we had such a great time last year.  Bowling, food I didn’t cook, horseback riding, hiking, swimming, food I didn’t cook, playground, fellowship with other foster and adoptive families, climbing wall, western night, and food I didn’t cook.  Did I mention that the food is good, and someone else cooks it?

  For the last three years the have had a week that is specifically for foster and adoptive families.  This is my favorite part of Horn Creek.  It is so nice to spend a week with other families who have experienced fostering or adopting – and it’s also so nice not to stick out like a sore thumb!  Most of the families there are large families, too, so we don’t even get weird looks while people count the number of small children following us around.

  Anyway, it’s really wonderful.


Last year we actually got to meet and get to know a family who we had previously only known in the blog world!  It was fun to meet each other in person.  We’ve gotten to know several families there that we keep in touch with throughout the year.


  Let me know if you have any questions about the camp.  The last three years the foster and adoptive week has completely filled up – so sign up soon if you want to go!  I’ve also heard rumors that they are going to set up a second week if it fills up and there is still interest…  You should come.  Really.


  Ok, I’ll be done now.



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  1. I am definitely going to save this idea for the future! I've wanted to see Colorado for a long time, too.


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