March 17, 2013




As anxious as I was about the trial on Thursday…

They only got through half of the witnesses, so they had to set another day to finish the trial.  I’m not even totally convinced that we’ll get done that day either.  Talk about emotionally exhausting.

The next open day that the judge had was May 1st – so now we wait for another 7 weeks, and then go back for another day of testimonies and questioning.

They actually called me to the stand during the trial, and I am also going to be put on the witness list for day two as well.  It would have completely and totally freaked me out if I didn’t have experience testifying as a caseworker.  Attorneys are absolutely more intimidating when you’re the one on the stand.  I wasn’t really nervous this time.  They hadn’t even told me I was going to be asked to testify, so they couldn’t even have expected me to be prepared.  I just figured I’d answer what I could answer, and tell them they were out of luck otherwise.  (In different terms, of course.)  I did appreciate that they found my testimony worth hearing and questioning though.  Typically, foster parent’s opinions and ideas are treated as completely worthless – so I was happy to have been questioned.

The bummer about being on the witness list is that you are sequestered from the courtroom and other witnesses prior to your testimony.  I got to sit in after I testified, but prior to that I had to sit outside with Vida.  I expect it will be the same way on day two.

Only once were we barraged with snarky comments from their family members.  With a few choice words thrown in we got, “These people should be ashamed of themselves!” and “They better know that those girls will never love them like they love their mom and dad!”  Along with lots of glares and evil eyes.  I understand.  It was a hard day for them, harder than it was for me.  I’d be mad too – and a lot of people are under the impression that foster parents have something to do with the legal proceedings.  Of course, that’s laughable, as a foster parent.

After my testimony, Mom and Dad actually came up to me and thanked me.  They said that they appreciated that I was honest, and that was all they could ask of me.  They said thank you for taking care of their girls and for caring enough to be there.


Was. Not. Expecting. That.

But I appreciated it greatly.  And it also showed me that they know we aren’t against them, we are just for whatever is best for the girls.  It showed that our efforts to support reunification have not gone unnoticed.  It showed that regardless of the horrible situation that links us, a relationship was feasible.  I was so thankful for that.

Anyway.  We’ll wait, and wonder, and pray.

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  1. Praying for you all.

    And I'm impressed if you can go through that without being nervous. I was so nervous just sitting in the courtroom that I burst a blood vessel in my eye that day. So, like, literally my head exploded. Ack!!!


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