March 25, 2013

So thankful, So healthy!



Bella took her very last dose of Chemo on Friday!!!  It seems so strange.  She’s been sick ever since she was placed with us – for the last (almost) two years, all we have known is hospital visits, tons of medication, and E.R. trips.  What is this life with no Chemo?  We can hardly remember!

Saturday we had a party to celebrate our sweet girl being a SURVIVOR!  We invited our family and friends who have played such a crucial role in helping our family through this trial.  Through prayer, meals, babysitting, encouragement – we couldn’t have done it without them.


At Bella’s last hospital appointment while still on treatment!



Bella with her doctor and her primary nurse.  After so much time at the hospital, these people practically feel like family!




We had the party at a frozen custard shop near our house.  Everyone enjoyed frozen custard and cake, and it was so great to get to celebrate with everyone.  I was overwhelmed at having all of these people together who have done so much to love our family and love our daughter over the last two years.


Of course, at the end of March, in only makes sense that there would be a big snowstorm during the party…



Photos of Bella from the time she came to us to today.  She looks like a completely different child.  She looks so healthy and happy now!






Nana and Grandpa



Ms. Chris, or Grandma Chris as the girls call her.



Reading books with Grandpa Richard.




Bella with our family worker.  She is wonderful!


It was a wonderful celebration!  I wish we had taken more pictures, but we were busy soaking up the moment.  We are so thankful, so relieved, so joyful that we are through this trial!  Although we’ll still be making a lot of follow up visits – no more yucky meds, no more lumbar punctures.  Our brave girl made it through!


  1. that's awesome! Congrats to your sweet girl!

  2. Wow! What an awesome God we serve. So happy for Bella and your family.

  3. So Happy for sweet Bella! It is truly wonderful to see how far she has come!


  4. Congratulations, sweet girl!! So happy for your family!


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