July 3, 2013

Daddy-Daughter Dates.



  My hubby takes our girls out on dates regularly.  He does one date night per week, and we rotate between the girls.  They LOVE IT.  We did father’s day presents where the girls had to answer questions about their Daddy.  Three quarters of the questions were answered with, “Going on dates.”.

What’s your favorite thing about your daddy?

Going on Dates.

What’s Daddy’s favorite thing to do with you?

Go on Dates.

If you could do anything with your Daddy, what would it be?

Go on a date to…

  They build lots of special memories while he’s winning their hearts.  Meanwhile they are learning how guys should treat them, show them respect, and love them.


  The day of their date, Brian calls them in the afternoon to ask them to go on a date with them.  And he always tells them to ask my permission – just in case the answer is no. ;)  As soon as they hear that someone is on the phone for one of them, they all get excited.  “You get to go on a date tonight!  Daddy’s on the phone!”  It’s adorable.

  Anyway, I wanted to post some pictures of date nights recently so that we can keep them in the memory bank. 

Naomi just turned two in April.  Two is the magic age where you get to start going on dates, so she recently had her first.


Out to dinner.


And to the pool.

She was very proud that she got to go on a date.  She kept telling me, “I go on date with Daddy!  We go pool!”



Sylvia’s most recent date was a picnic at the park and going on a flower walk.











And ice cream…


Bella’s most recent was going to a ceramics studio and getting to paint her own piggy bank and then going to dinner with Daddy. 






  Tootaw’s up next and I’ll post her pictures then.


I love my husband.  They love their Daddy.


  1. Love this! We do daughter dates too, but we cycle the kids around between both of us. I find it's important for me to stop working and HAVE FUN with them!! But the daddy-daughter date is unbeatable. We try to use it as a time of building up and affirming, encouraging growth and, yeah, having fun.

    We need to make it a more regular thing though. Along with Mommy-Daddy dates. We like those too. :)

  2. I <3 this, too, as well as mommy-daughter dates. :)


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