November 11, 2008

As Big as The Moon

Cassandra often wonders how big things are. Like God, or how fun our day will be, or how long something will get the idea. She'll ask something like, "Is it big like a tree? Or is it big like the house? Or is it big like the sky?" Until she's satisfied that you have defined exactly how big the current something is. Last night, as we were putting her to bed she whispered to me,

"Maggie, guess what?"
She got very close and whispered in my ear, "I love you as big as the planet!"
I answered, "Well I love you as big as the universe!"
"Well I love you as big as all the planets squished into one BIG planet!" was her reply.

She's so sweet. I love her as big as the universe.

We recently found out that the girls will most likely be leaving us sometime in early January, just after the holidays. Please pray for the time that we have left with them. That we can love them like Jesus, and that they don't forget what they have learned about Him in their time here. Also, if you could begin praying for their transition now, and that they continue to learn about Christ after they go.

Here are some sweet pictures of the girls playing in the leaves on Halloween...

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  1. Ok, I just teared up over that sweet exchange - "I love her as big as the universe"... beautiful!


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