November 22, 2008

Growing and Changing

Mena is doing so many new things. It seems like she is growing an learning by the second. She's learned how to go up and down the stairs. She's now walking her push toy all over the house. She distinctly calls me MaMaMaMaMa. Eating new table foods is very exciting for her now. Yesterday morning she told Brian "NoNoNo!" when he was trying to wipe off her face. She even has a few new dance moves.
It is such a joy to see her learning and growing. To be honest, at first this felt a little like babysitting. But seeing her changing so much while she is with us makes it so much more.
When Cassandra first came to live with us, she was barely reading at all - having to sound out words like "at" or "it". Now she can read through an entire early reader book, only having to sound out the difficult words. It's amazing.
While this is challenging, it also brings so much joy. It is difficult to constantly block out the worlds mantra - "Look at all you're missing out on." "You're so young, you should be out having fun!" "What are you getting yourself into?" But once I get past these things, knowing that I am being guided by the hands of my creator, there is just so much joy.

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  1. Maggie I love reading your blog! What you and Brian are doing is so beautiful and I am encouraged to read what He is teaching you on the journey! We miss you guys!


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