August 24, 2009


Today I went grocery shopping for this week (Through Sunday) after my first experience really putting forth some effort on coupon clipping and deal finding. In total, I saved almost $13.00, lowering our weekly grocery bill to just over $30.00. (And that was including deodorant and tissues!) I know for all the skilled couponers out there, this is pocket change compared to what you save on a weekly basis...but I feel so proud! :) So I'm sold on couponing ...Hopefully I'll get better as I go. Having spent some time looking into it, I've found that couponing is quite the science. (How many words can I make up with the word coupon? ...At least one more.)

Anyway...I was very excited. So I thought I'd post.

Pics of the nursery to come...veryy soon.

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  1. Well done! I don't know if I'm a seasoned bargain shopper or not, but I think spending $30 a week for 2 is impressive--it's more important to spend less than it is to save more, in my opinion. I had no idea couponing was even a word last April and now I'm a firm believer it works!


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