January 8, 2010


A short pictoral update of our last month. Except for Christmas. Because we STILL have not gotten a chance to upload those from our camera.
100% Sweet. It's True.

Looking cute and ready for snow. We're going to ignore that he's wearing kU colors.

Picking out our Christmas tree on the kids' first Christmas. You can tell they are very excited.
....And, classic Popp family photo. X-man looking like the person behind the camera is on fire, Sylvia crying like she's on fire, us laughing because we know there's no point in trying to put this fire out.


  1. Love the description of the kids in the last picture. "Hey paparazzi! Did you know your hair is on fire?"

  2. Oh I got such a kick out of the caption to this picture. It just made my day!



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