March 22, 2011

Fun Weekend!

  This past weekend we had a four year old little girl for respite Friday through Sunday.  When we get short term respite placements, we do our best to spoil the heck out of them!  Not in a ‘their long term foster home is going to hate us’ kind of way.  We just want them to be absolutely sure of how much they are loved here – even for just a couple of days!



We had lots of fun doing art projects at a fun craft place nearby, followed by dinner at Chick-Fil-A (of course!) which got a resounding – “What?  They have a PLAYPLACE??!! This is the best place ever!”


The only thing better than crafts?  Crafts under a blacklight!




Sylvia was moderately jealous of sharing my snuggles.



Super Sylvie!



It never fails that any little girl placed with us (with the exception of a couple coming from sexual abuse backgrounds) absolutely soaks up the attention of a positive male role model.  I’m always amazed at the difference that Brian’s focused attention makes with them.


We fell in love with this little girl. So sweet.  I pray that she is loved unconditionally and thoroughly in her foster home!  Sometimes it’s so hard not to wish every respite placement could just move in!


  1. Super cute pictures! I love the Super Sylie one especially! :)

    So, you're not selling your house now right? And not moving? That means after your baby is born, we will be able to come see you, and bring supper for you with us!

    We have foster parent class tonight. I always think of you!


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