March 31, 2011

A Toddler and A Belly. How did that happen?

  Probably on a daily basis I look at Sylvia and ask Brian – how do we have a toddler?  When did that happen?

  Also on a daily basis, I look at my large, tumorous looking stomach and ask – how in the world did this happen?  (Before I get any snarky comments – I’m aware of how it happened.  What I mean is how did the pregnancy  go by so fast.)


  Yesterday my sister requested belly pictures so that she would, “Have something to make her laugh.”  Thanks Steph.  I don’t think that’s really fair since you never had to go more than 37 weeks into any of your pregnancies, but I will humor you.


But first, some pictures of the toddler.  (How did that happen?)


IMG_0875 This is a completely terrible picture of me. (displaying the fact that my largest t-shirts don’t even fit me anymore.)  But, I posted it because look how stinkin’ old Sylvia looks!!!  STOP GROWING!




We played and played and played, and then she walked 1/2 a mile around the trail.  Have I mentioned she’s active?






kisses for daddy.



If you can’t tell here, my maternity shirts don’t even fit anymore.

I’m that pregnant lady who walks around with the very bottom of her stomach showing.


On Sunday I said to Brian, “I feel like I’m getting to the point in my pregnancy where I just look humongous.”

His reply?  “Honey, you’ve looked humongous for a few weeks now.”

That’s love.



  Here’s to the countdown!  Only three more weeks!  My midwife says things are looking perfect.  As of 36 weeks she was posterior, but since she has started to turn.  We’re ready whenever she is!!  Can’t wait to meet our baby girl.


  1. You look wonderful! You're one of those people whose body stays the same with the exception of the bump, so no matter how large the bump is you look cute.

    Good luck with the birth and everything associated. I'm excited for your family!

  2. For the record, my actual statement was "Honey, your belly started looking humongous a few weeks ago"

    Note the distinction between "you" and "your belly" :-)

  3. Can't wait to meet your little girl and find out her name!!! :)

  4. You have the cutest toddler AND belly! I never looked that cute pregnant. BTW, I am digging the Relay For Life shirt. Recognize it anywhere! :)


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