April 1, 2011

Horn Creek.

  If you are a foster or adoptive parent, you should check this out.  Really.

I posted on this last year, but I wanted to get the info up again for anyone interested!

  Horn Creek is a Christian family camp in the mountains of Colorado.  We went last year with Brian’s family (although not to the foster/adoption family week) and we took Jay and Zee, the two boys placed with us at the time. 

  Jay and Zee loved it, and it’s a great time to get away, enjoy some hikes and such, and soak up some family time.  They have tons of stuff to do as a family - from bowling and rock climbing to horse back riding and hiking.  You will not get bored.  Neither will your kids.

Also, someone else cooks for you all. week. long.

Now I have your attention.




  One week per summer they have started doing a week of camp specifically for foster parents and adoptive parents and families.  The curriculum is specifically tailored to fit the needs of families in these very unique situations. 

  That means a week completely surrounded by other people who know what it is like to be where you are.  They know the frustrations.  They know the emotional drain.  They know the behaviors.

  Also very important to note?  Any child adopted into your family or placed with your family as a child in foster care within the last year?  Free.

Yup.  I know.  Super cool.

  Brian and I are hoping to be able to make it this year.  See you there?


Check it out.


  1. You will see us there! We are with the Tapestry group in the Dallas area. This will be our first year to go!!

  2. I went there on my senior trip in high school. Good memories!!!


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