April 14, 2011


  I think it’s the suspense at the end of a pregnancy that kills me.  Maybe today?  Maybe tomorrow?  How many contractions has that been?  Consistent, or just in my head?  And then I remind myself, ‘Maggie, do you remember what labor was like with Sylvia?  You WILL KNOW when you are in labor, for real.’

  My midwife reminded me yesterday that God has a thing for waiting.  It’s strung throughout the entire Bible – wait.  patience.  He could have made pregnancies a specific number of days long, take away all this anticipation.  But he didn’t.  So I guess I’ll just … wait.



Apparently I’m not the only one who is ready.

Sylvia’s all, “Mom, do your pregnancy exercises, go into labor already.”




  I’m also excited to be able to start fostering again.  At this point in the pregnancy (actually for a few weeks now) we decided it would be best to hold off till post baby.  Cause really, can you imagine? 

  Here’s your new foster home.  I know your foster mom looks like she’s about to explode.  Actually, she is.

  And then two days later I go into labor, and then bring home a new baby.

Traumatic?  I think yes.


  So, lots of things that we are really, really, very much so, holding our breath kind of looking forward to.  Can’t wait! (But I guess we will.)


  1. You are right, God does have a thing for waiting! Good luck!

  2. Seems like we are always playing some sort of waiting game in some area of our life! Good luck:)

  3. Haha! The Popp is ready to pop! Love that Sylvia is so supportive by doing exercises with you.


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