June 6, 2011

20 Months.

  It seems a little ridiculous to write a 20 month post.  I know that.  But you are at such a great age, and you’re learning so much.  I don’t want to forget.IMG_1247IMG_1068


  You are talking like crazy.  All of a sudden, you get it, and you are stringing together two and three words regularly.  My favorite phrase, of course, being “Wud you Mommy”.  You refer to yourself as ‘Yaya’ – "Yaya’s water?  Elmo loves Yaya.”. 

Sylvia: Urse?  (asking to nurse.)

Mommy: No, you can’t nurse right now.  It’s Naomi’s turn right now.

Sylvia: Urse, Please?  Yaya’s turn?

You’ve also added phrases to your vocabulary such as, “No, no Bucko!” and “No way Jose!”, it’s very cute.  When you want me to play with you you say, “Mommy with you.  Come. (you lead me into the playroom) Sit.”  IMG_1200

You mimic everything.  Which is sometimes kind of unfortunate, but can also be hilarious.  You now call your dad and I Brian and Maggie on occasion because you hear us calling each other by name.

  You can mostly count to ten by yourself.  I usually have to give you four and seven, but other than that you can do it all on your own!  Maybe numbers will be your thing, just like your Daddy.  If I say a letter, you usually respond by saying the letter that comes next in the alphabet, but we’ve not made much progress on your ‘abc’s’.


  You still love to play with your babies, and you love to diaper them.  Anytime you see a used diaper you say, “Oooohh Weee!  Yuuucckkkyyy!  Peeee UUUUU!”  You also still love to read books, and now you have several of them memorized enough that you tell me what each page is about.

  You pretend to sing the songs that Daddy and I sing you, which is adorable.  You sing ‘Jesus Loves Me' or ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ to Naomi all the time.  Speaking of Naomi, you loooovvvee her.  When she cries you say, “Naomi sad.  It’s ok, Naomi.”  You worry about her when you think she’s upset, and you always want to know where she is.  She loves you too, of course.  She smiles at you any time you try to entertain her.


It’s so much fun to watch you learn.  It seems like you remember everything you see, it’s incredible to see how quickly you pick things up.  You’re starting to look like a little girl, slowly losing your baby-ness.  It makes me sad, but also makes me so excited to see who you will be at two, and three, and four… 


I love you, you are so sweet. 

But right now you want me to put some clothes on your baby doll, so I suppose I should go.


Love you, love you, love you,



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