June 21, 2011

Because the Church has no pinch hitter.

We must force ourselves to step to the plate.

A family member forwarded me this article, ‘My Take: On Adoption, Christians Should Put Up or Shut Up.’  A lot of what is posted on the Belief Blog I don’t agree with, but this gets a resounding Amen.


Soapbox, please.


  When people hear you’re a foster parent, it can spark some interesting conversations.  Lots of people give me their two cents on foster care – having no real background – and that’s ok, I like to talk about it, love it actually.


  But there are some comments that I think this article responds to very well.


Sometimes I get the:

  “You know, there are a lot of people who think that the government shouldn’t even run programs like foster care – that it is the responsibility of the church and therefore should be left to the church.”


  I agree.  Wholeheartedly.  Just one thing.  A small detail.

I am ‘the church’.  You are ‘the church’.

You are ‘the church’.

  So where does that leave us?


Or there is the inevitable conversation about abortion.  Outlawing.  Picketing.  Cutting funds.  I can only think of one thing – “So you’re licensing to adopt then?  Foster, maybe?  For all of those children who have nowhere to go?”  There will be thousands, and

I am ‘the church’.  You are ‘the church’.

You are ‘the church’.

  So where does that leave us?


There are lots of reasons not to foster.  There are lots of reasons not to adopt.  I am not saying that everyone should do either.  But I don’t say that to let anyone off the hook either.  Because the reality is that


I am the church.  You are the church.

We are ‘the church’.


  What’s crazy is that Jesus meant what he said.  We’re talking the Son of GOD here, there are no suggestions.  And the repercussion of true belief is action.  Let’s step up to the plate.  Following through on what we believe is not always easy, but it is always a blessing.

  I don’t post this out of a heart that thinks I’ve got no hypocritical blind spots.  I know that I do, and I pray that if my brothers and sisters in Christ see a blind spot of mine, that they would show me, and encourage me to live what I say I believe.

Because we are ‘the church’.


  1. It's an interesting article. When I first started reading your blog at one point I was back and forth on it due to the religion factor, but your family's willingness to 'walk the walk' gave me some renewed faith in Christians.

    I do think it can be a lot easier to see the results of ones activism in a theoretical sense rather than a practical reality, but I wish sometimes it came down to being basic humans instead of a vague political agenda.

  2. yes. yes. yes. and yes.

    seriously, when are we going to GET it?

  3. This cracks me up, did you see my blog the exact same day?? Great minds think alike...

    Great post, friend!!

  4. Yes. Yes. Yes. and Yes. I did have some Christian (and I use that term loosely) foster parents, but for every one that I had, I heard at least 50 other families pontificating on why Christians should foster/adopt.

  5. Funny, I was having similar thoughts around the same time (http://proverbs308.wordpress.com/2011/06/23/if-not-you-who/)


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