June 19, 2011

Two Months.

  I love you.


And to be honest, at this point in your life, you pretty much love me too.  Of course, I’ve got the mama milk, so I have an unfair advantage.  Speaking of mama milk, you’re starting to get a little baby chub, which only makes you cuter.  I can count the number of times you have spit up on one hand, which is really great – but somehow every time you eat you manage to get us both soaked in milk – we could work on that.  It seems you might keep your blue eyes – they only seem to be getting lighter.  How I ended up with two blue eyed girls is beyond me.  You’re hair seems to be staying dark, though.  You’re sister is practically a blonde now, but I think you’ve got your Mommy’s hair – and lots (lots.) of it.



Post bath.  Once I start taking pictures of you, I think you get weirded out by the camera and you just make funny faces.  So I guess you’ll just make silly faces in all of your infant pictures.



You have been such an easy baby.  And you are sooooo happy.  You are smiley all of the time (mostly for Mommy and Sylvie, but that’s ok, you’ll be a Daddy’s girl soon enough.).  You’ve started cooing and making a sound that sounds kind of laugh-ish.  I love it when you coo at me, and Sylvie says "Naomi talkin’!”.


I think you love your sister most of all.  That is, when she’s not smothering you or bludgeoning you with toys.  She tries.  And she really does love you.  You smile any time she talks to you, and you can’t take your eyes off of her.  You two will be sweet friends.







My very favorite part of the day is snuggling up with you to sleep.  I love sleeping with you, and I’m pretty sure you love it too.  I lay you down in the bed at night while I get ready for bed, and when you see that I’m laying down with you, you start making noise and breathing faster – you just can’t wait!  I think you’ve got snuggling in your blood, just like me.



You also met your uncle Scott for the first time when you turned two months old.  You like him so much you try to eat him up.


I cannot believe you are two months old.  Sometimes I forget you won’t be a baby forever – and then I look at your sister.  I am trying my best to soak you up – but it would work better if you wouldn’t grow so fast.  I love you more than you will ever know.


Love you, love you, love you,


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