October 10, 2011

Camping love.

  We went camping last weekend with our good friends.  Sylvie and their daughter, Elliana, have been good buds since they made their debuts into this world, and I’m sure it won’t be long before Mayah and Naomi are getting into mischief of their own.  Bella had a great time – and as always, it’s so much fun to watch her experience things she’s never gotten to do before.


  On Friday I was getting everything ready to go camping when we got a call from the hospital.  They said that Bella’s levels had come back unusually low that week (the home nurse had been out on Wednesday) and that they were concerned.  They felt that to be on the safe side they needed to do a blood transfusion.  Bella was acting completely normal, so I wasn’t too concerned, but I was feeling bummed because this would probably mean we wouldn’t get to leave until Saturday, shortening the trip considerably.  Including labs and everything else, a transfusion means at least 6 hours at the hospital.

  I tried to stay positive so that she wouldn’t get upset, and we drove up to the hospital with all three kids in tow – this was looking to be a long day.  But….we got there and they did the labs and her levels came out super high!  They said that the low numbers must have been some mistake in the labs!  We were so excited!

  We headed home, packed up, and we were off…



Sylvie ‘helping’ Elliana on the big girl potty.  We have pictures of Elliana ‘helping’ Sylvie as well.  Nothing like a good friend to help you through potty training, eh?



It didn’t take long before it became something of a spectator sport.  Elliana decided she wanted her daddy to sit next to her, and then Bella thought she’d pull up a chair for she and Sylvia too. 



Me and my girls.



Throwing rocks in the lake.  That’s what best friends do.






Ugh.  I hate that I have to pixelate her beautiful face.  But it’s for her best interest.

The kids got to go out one at a time with a grown up in the kayak.  Bella thought this was so cool.  Anytime we weren’t in the boat, she was asking to be in the boat.  (Approximately every 45 seconds.)

She was so excited because ‘she even got to paddle!’



Cute girls.

Note: You can see Bella’s smile even through the pixelation.  Bella and Sylvia are fighting over a toy (story of our lives.)  And check out how dirty these girls are – definite sign of some fun.



Sylvia being very serious about her smore eating.  I wish I could post the picture of Bella’s face after her smore.  It looks like she rubbed it from ear to ear while she ate it because it was just that good.  Smores were new for both the girls, and I think it’s fair to say they LOVED them.

P.S.  That coke is most definitely not Sylvia’s.





We took cupcakes with us to celebrate Sylvia’s birthday.  Unfortunately we did not have anything to ice them with, so I had to use my fingers.  (I say unfortunately, what I really mean is, score! I got to lick my fingers at the end!)



I’m not sure that after two days in the car they tasted any better than they looked, but Sylvia was very excited.



Check out the dirt on that face.





Have I mentioned I hate pixelating her face?  She is a part of our family.  I want her in family photos!  ….I digress.

Beautiful families, beautiful friends, beautiful weather….so blessed!



We told them to say ‘ice cream’ to take the picture, and Sylvia got very excited.



So much fun.  So many good memories.  I love camping because there is nothing to do but to be together – and there is no one I’d rather be with than my family and friends!

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