October 24, 2011

Seizure, shmeizure.

This week has been crazy.

And since blogging is somewhere around 46th on my priority list, I’ve gotten a little (a lot) behind. 

  Things move so quickly around here, and I don’t want to miss a beat – I want to have it all here so that I can go back and reminisce when Bella leaves and I’m missing her,  and again when Sylvia is turning 25.  

Sentimental?  Er, I prefer to just say that I hold life close to my heart.


Today end six days of Sylvia having a fever.  I say this tentatively and with my fingers crossed – as I’m sure it could return.  She also hasn’t been eating, has barely been drinking, hasn’t been sleeping, and has been on my lap all week.

On Wednesday night we ended up in the emergency room because her fever spiked and she had a febrile seizure.  (Ok, when I think seizure, I think, holy. cow. let’s get to the E.R.)  When we got to the E.R. her temperature was 105.  They drew some blood (much easier said than done with a two year old) and ran some tests.  They weren’t sure what was going on, so we were told it was a virus.




Can I interject here to say that they acted like the seizure was no big deal?  If these things are so common, then why don’t us Mom’s know more about them??  Oh, your child seized, their eyes rolled back in their head, they wouldn’t focus their eyes or respond to you, and then they couldn’t form words when they tried?  No big deal.

Anyway, the next day we followed up with our physician who told us the same thing.  Two days later, she still had a high fever (upwards of 103 without medication) so I decided to do a little research myself before I worried myself mad.




After 30 minutes on the internet, I made a hypothesis that she had contracted Herpes type 1 (essentially cold sores, but can come with a lot worse reaction for little ones.  Sounds gross, but over 70% of the general population has it.) and that it had combined with some other virus that she picked up that also seemed to be reeking havoc on her mouth, gums, and body temp.


So today Brian took her to the urgent care (doctor number three) and sure enough, they thought she had contracted Herpes type 1 and that it was in conjunction with hand, foot, and mouth disease.


This was not helpful for the peace of mind of someone who is already pretty cynical regarding the medical field. (If you are a doctor, I have no beef with you.  I could spend about 10 posts on this.)


Luckily they said she seems to be nearing the end of it, and it will wrap up soon.


Nothing scarier than your baby girl having high fevers for 6 days with no explanation.  Except when one of your other baby girls has a suppressed immune system.  And the other one is only 6 months old.

Neither of the other girls have caught anything though.  We assume that Bella has already had HFM, and it’s likely that she is where Sylvia got the herpes from.  Naomi has my immunities since she is breastfed.


But holy. cow.  It’s been one heck of a week.


P.S.  I woke up with a fever this morning. blegh.


  1. That's scary- poor Sylvia! Thank goodness for your sense to research things on your own. Hope YOUR fever doesn't last too long.

  2. Wow scary. I would have been in the ER too. Crazy week, for sure. Hope this week is much better.

  3. You POOR THING! That sounds like a week from heck to me...Im not sure I'd want to remember it, lol.

    As far as seizures go, they are INCREDIBLY common. I am not really sure why more parents don't know about them. You would think that it would be common knowledge! We literally ran on(ambulance) at least one per week during cold and flu season, and my husband(ER) sees them all the time!

    Praying for healthy days ahead in your home!

  4. Ugh. I'm so sorry! My 2 y/o foster son has seizures which started with a febrile seizure and then become afebrile seizures, and they're just as scary when they're febrile. They are "no big deal" in the sense that they sometimes only happen once or twice and never again - But for a parent they are ALWAYS a big deal. It's so terrifying to watch.

  5. Sorry about all the sicknesses, keep your chin up and get rest so it doesn't totally wipe you out <3

  6. Maggie...that is super scary!! I am so glad everything is ok and way to go about figuring out what she had! Let little Sylvie know that she is in a very special club because I have Type 1 herpes as well...no big deal just a few annoying fever blisters/cold sores every once in a while (unless she keeps getting these fevers, those are bad news)! I've never had much of a problem with them. If she gets them let me know I have some sure fire cures!
    Love you guys!


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