October 25, 2011

Clip, clip.

Ever since Bella came to live with us (almost 4 months ago now!) we have had frequent conversations about when her hair grows back.  It never seems to bother her much that it’s gone, but she is very excited for when it’s back.

One of the things that she’s been most excited for is when it got long enough to put clips in it.  I promised her we’d go find some Dora clips and Princess clips (her choices.).


So the day has finally arrived!


Drum roll please!







We got it to stay (for at least five minutes).

She was so excited!

And now, off to the store to find Dora clips.


  1. So incredibly precious! I love her excitement and I love the way you nurture and encourage that excitement. Hope you find some adorable Dora clips!

  2. Fun! So happy for this milestone because it means she is healing and growing!

  3. wonderful! Hope that you are on the mend as well.

  4. i love it, i don't know why but tears came to my eyes :)

    so happy for her


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