October 7, 2010

The Best Year.

(A day late.  Blogger wouldn’t let me post it!)


  Oh, baby girl, you have given me the best year of my life.

One year ago right now I was in labor.  Your Daddy was holding my hand, talking me through contractions.  I was so excited that you were on the way.  Seventeen hours later, after we both worked very hard, you arrived.  Your Daddy put you on my chest, and I have never been more in awe.  Immediately I loved you with a love I hadn’t ever known before.


2009-10 118


Love, I thank Jesus for you every day.  For the opportunity to know your beautiful little soul.  He has given me just a glimpse of His love for you and me by making me your Mama.  What a blessing you have been.


It won’t be long before you’ll be a big sister.  I’m not sure what you’ll think of that – but I’m sure in time you’ll grow to love your baby brother or sister. 


You walk everywhere now – and you’re starting to learn escape tactics.  When I come at you with a kleenex, you’re quickly figuring out how to dodge the dreaded nose wipe.  You can tell us what sound the dog, the monkey, and the cow make.  You are a happy little girl – you have no idea how much joy you bring us. 

You have started throwing fits.  This has Mama a little worried.  Aren’t you supposed to hold off on those for a little while?  Anyway, you’re pretty cute when you’re throwing a fit too – so it’s not too bad.

You love music, and you love to dance.  Anytime you hear music – at the grocery store, on a walk, at the football game – you start dancing.  We dance a lot around here.  You’ve got more rhythm than your dad or I do.

You already like to play dress up.  Anytime there are dirty (or clean, folded) clothes around you pick them up and try to put them over your head.  Then you turn and look at us like, “Aren’t I pretty?”  Yes.  You are.

You still nurse quite a bit.  I’m not sure you’re going to be real into weaning any time soon.  That’s alright, no rush here.  However, if you would like to start sleeping through the night – that would be much appreciated.  Whatever phase this is that your in?  We should hit a new one now called “8 hours straight at night makes for a happier Mama.”

Most things are “Mama” these days, although you do throw in Daddy and Baa on occasion.  When you’re eating and we tell you to say “more please” you say, “mmmmMMMMMMAMAMA!”.  You make the funniest faces, and there is no doubt in my mind that you are going to be quite the character.

You love to read books.  Unfortunately you have a favorite few (the animal book, Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You?, Goodnight Moon, and Have You Ever Tickled a Tiger) that you want me to read approximately 100 times per day.  I have them all memorized.  I’m actually wondering if you’re going to be confused as to what reading a book actually is, since I don’t ever look at the page while saying the words.



I love you, sweet girl.  Sometimes I’m sad that you’re getting so big – but most of the time I’m just excited to see who you are becoming.  Praying for you every day.

           Love you, love you, love you,



  1. What a year! Happy Birthday Cutie!

    (Isn't it great being a mom and witnessing something as amazing as the growth of a human being?!!)

  2. I nursed Kobe for 14 mos and loved it. miss that.

    happy birthday sweet girl!


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