October 8, 2010

Extended Family.

Most of you probably weren’t reading this blog back when we had our girls.

It is difficult for me to explain how precious these children are to my heart.

If you have children, it is like trying to explain that fierceness in your heart that accompanies a thought of them being hurt.  The protectiveness that you can only feel for someone who is connected to you in your soul.

That is my love for these girls and their two siblings.  God has made them a part of me.


We’ve have had the joy and the blessing of getting to stay in contact with them even though they have now been adopted by their aunt and uncle.  We have had the four of them over for weekends, taken them on trips, and gotten to know their (large) family.  We even got to go to Cassandra’s 8th birthday party, and although we were the only people there who spoke fluent English, we felt a part of the family.


Early this week we tried to call them to see if the kids could come over this weekend, and to see if their family would like to come to Sylvia’s birthday party.  Their phone was disconnected (which has happened several times before).  We wanted to make sure that we made arrangements for this weekend in time, so we drove up to their house to stop by and talk.

And they are gone.


None of their neighbors know where they went.  We were given a tip on a possible street and we drove up and down it several time and could not find them.  I’d imagine that their neighbors would know if they had been deported.  And regardless of your feelings on deportation (as in, please do not share.) I pray that they have not been.

We don’t know what happened.  We don’t know why them moved so suddenly.  It feels impossible for me not to worry.  We are still looking, hoping to get lucky.


With tears streaming down my cheeks I am asking you to please pray for them.  Pray that they are safe and that the family is taken care of.  Pray that the move was a good thing. 

  Please pray that we find them.


Girls visit 033


  1. I'm sorry Maggie :< I hope you do find them.
    For what its worth, from personal experience-deportation takes a long time, it doesn't happen so suddenly.
    Hopefully its just that they got an opportunity somewhere and acted on it quickly. Hopefully in time, keep searching and something will come up either checking around in person or looking online.

  2. I will be praying for the girls and their family! I hope you hear something soon.

  3. Oh no! I'm so sorry. I hope you find out where they are soon and that God gives your heart peace in the meantime.

  4. I am not sure why you said "biological children" and not just children. I can assure you my kids are connected to my soul and I have the same fierceness for them that you feel for Sylvia, and they did not need to come out of my body for that bond to happen.

  5. Laurie - I'm really sorry. I was not meaning to imply anything or offend. I was only speaking from my experience, trying to explain what I was feeling. I know you have the exact same feelings for your children as every mother does regardless of how our children come to us. I'm so sorry, again.


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