October 22, 2010

Why Foster?

Reason #49:

Because yesterday we were called with a 6 month old baby who was purposely injured so badly that he is non-responsive, eating through a feeding tube, aware enough to feel pain, cannot move, is not tracking with his eyes, and has to wear a neck brace, hand splints, and boots.

We went to the hospital and I stood by his crib and watched him for an hour and a half.  We went knowing that we were naively hoping we could be a placement for him.  They cannot find anyone else.  After talking with the hospital social worker, the nurses, and his pediatric neurosurgeon, it was clear that with a one year old and a baby on the way it would be neither responsible or wise for us to take on his care.

And then I had to walk away, and leave him laying there, with only a prayer that they will eventually find a home for that sweet little boy.

But maybe you wouldn’t have to.  Walk away that is.

Maybe all of your kids are grown and gone.  Or,

Maybe you don’t have any kids. Or,

Maybe you or someone else in your home is a nurse or doctor who would know something about his care.  Or,

Maybe all your kids are old enough that they don’t pull on cords, or nurse, and are at school all day.


We had to say no.  But maybe you wouldn’t have toand you could be all the difference.


The night before that we got a phone call for a little boy who is three and his sister who is five.  They don’t even have any reported behaviors.  It was an emergency, and they needed placement right then, and they were sitting in the office with the intake worker on the line.

We would have scooped up those babies in a heartbeat, but we have a respite placement right now through the end of the weekend, and we don’t have enough beds.  Let me tell you, we were racking our brains on how we could get another one in.

We just don’t have enough room right now.  But maybe you do.

Maybe you have a couple bedrooms that you use for when family is in town.  Or,

Maybe you have a room that you just use for all your extra stuff.  Or,

Maybe it would be better if all your kids didn’t have their own rooms.


We had to say no.  But maybe you wouldn’t have toand you could be all the difference.



And that is ‘Why Foster?’.


  1. Stories like this break my heart. Here we sit with open beds and empty arms and these children can't find a home. One day I hope we can be a safe place for little ones who are medically fragile.

  2. ahhh sweet baby boy...I hate that he has to endure all of that pain. What a terrible situation. Thanks for being such a huge advocate. For getting the word out there and making people aware of the NEED. These hurting kids need homes, and so many more people could open up their homes...

  3. Thanks for this kick in the butt, I mean, great post, Maggie. :) I don't think we could be the right home for the 6 month old what with all the power cord pulling out that happens around here, but we might be about to do a respite placement for a 3 and 5 year old. Maybe. It's worth thinking about. Thanks for getting me thinking again. Hope Sylvie is all better and know that you were missed at the bday party.

  4. Oh your post got to me, but you're preaching to the choir with me. It would be so hard to walk away from that baby. In times like that I have to take comfort in God's care through a loving foster home, that he will find a home for the baby and is comforting him in ways unseen.

  5. praying for that little boy and all of the children that have to endure suffering. I can't think of any better reasons to foster.

  6. so very sad...thank god our father in heaven is with him, watching and comforting.

    i think it's great that you knew your limit and what you guys could handle....our agency (catholic charities) doesn't allow us to see a potential foster child before accepting. for fear that we will be too weak to say no and just accept, because we saw him/her.

  7. what a week for you all.

    all i can say is Amen. that is why we foster.

  8. hi. I found your blog just now and did a quick 'catch up'. we are new foster parents (3 months or so) we decided to foster after losing our 9 month old daughter. We have a almost 7 month old little girl right now, and a few weeks ago, had to turn down a 2 months old with a congenital heart defect ((she was in the NICU)) with the baby we have now about to crawl and a 'tugger of everything', it just wasnt right for us right now. But it broke my heart into pieces..anyhow, can't wait to follow along your journey!

  9. Hello! Just found your blog. I'm going to have to do some catching up! We have four bio kids, an adopted daughter from China, and the darlingist four month old foster baby we've had since her birth. :) Looking forward to reading more!


  10. What a beautiful post! Would love to have you guest for Foster2Forever. Please add your adoption story to our Adoption Blog Hop! Love all your posts!


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