February 20, 2012

10 Months.

  All of a sudden you look so much older.  You’ve come out of that baby haze and you are with us, understanding what is going on much of the time, and contributing!  You giggle at your sisters’ craziness.  You make noises to let us know what you want.  You are into everything and explore things with such curiosity. 



Your shirt says: I’m cute, my Mom’s cute, and My Dad is lucky.  Ha!

  You are also, quite literally, the happiest baby I’ve ever met.

Unless you are very very hungry, or very very tired, you are happy.  You aren’t just happy, you are smiling, laughing, and giggling. 

You love, love, love your mama and daddy.  You’re face lights up when you see us.  When your daddy gets home from work you immediately crawl up to him and pull up on his pants, “Hold me, Daddy!  Where have you been all day!”

Just in the last couple of weeks, you have started to get over a little of your separation anxiety that has been so strong every since you were born.  You do pretty well in the nursery or while someone is watching you, but generally when I get back and you see me, your face crumples up with the most pitiful cry as if to say, “I had forgotten that you left me here, but now I’m really upset about it.  Where have you been!?”


Your first time on the swings!



  You’re crawling all over the place, and you pull up on everything.  You’re cruising around furniture now too – but I think you’re pretty hesitant to let go just yet.  I’m alright with that, there’s no rush to walk, believe me.  You are also obsessed with the stairs at the moment.  It never takes you long to decide you want to go up them, but you haven’t figured out going down yet, which poses a slight issue.  We’ll work on that.  You are busy, busy, busy, all the time – and you are watching your sisters like a hawk, picking up on everything they do.


  You still look a lot like me, but I think you’ll end up a pretty good mix of me and your Daddy.  You’re hair is getting lighter all the time, and I think in the summer sun it’s going to turn almost blonde.  You still have your bright blue eyes, looks like your going to keep them!



First bath with your sister!

  You take baths in the regular bathtub now.  You sit in a high chair when we go out.  You will gnaw on any solid food I give you now, and actually get upset if I’m not sharing.


  We’ve started putting you in your bed at the beginning of the night, and then bringing you in when you wake up the first time.  Most nights you only make it a couple of hours, but occasionally it will be four or five.  I’m not anxious to be away from you all night long, so take your time.



Already showing an interest in card games.  Your dad, uncle Daniel, and Grandpa Richard will appreciate this.

  You still nurse a lot, but it can definitely be replaced by food now, and you don’t mind.  No signs yet if you’ll wean before your sister did, but if not, you’ve still got well over a year before that crosses your mind.

  You’re still pretty stuck on saying Dadada, but you throw in a Gagaga, Cacaca, and Nanana.  Notice that Mama was not in that list.  Not for a lack of trying on you’re Mama’s part.  Soon enough you’ll be talking in sentences, so I’ll just soak up the Dadada’s.



Playing peek-a-boo with your blanket.

  I want you to know that you always have a voice in our family.  I will always listen, and always want to know how you feel, even at risk of being offended.  I am here for you – not only when we agree, but when we can’t quite see eye to eye.  You’re not likely to be the youngest in our family, but seeing as that you’ll never be the oldest, I never want you to feel lost in our love – you are our unique, beautiful, blessing of a daughter, and you are precious.


  I pray I can love you with a love like Jesus’, show you grace and mercy, and teach you to love unconditionally.  Of course, you’re teaching me an awful lot every day too – both about love and grace. 


You are such a blessing.


Love you, love you, love you,


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