February 15, 2012

Road trip!


  We leave tomorrow for the Empowered to Connect Conference in Dallas!  I’m excited, as I’ve been looking forward to it for some time.  Karyn Purvis is the main speaker.  We had planned on going to a similar conference in October when I was struck with the Virus from the Bowels of Hades, and we had to cancel. 



Equipping you to bring hope and healing
to adopted and foster children.


  At the last minute yesterday they decided to cancel Bella’s visit for this weekend.  The back and forth was not working for getting rid of the lice issue (not sure if Mom and Dad weren’t giving it the good college try, or if they just didn’t understand how aggressively you have to treat it.)  They decided it would be best for her to be with us for the weekend so that we can get rid of it all the way (and hopefully not get it back with the next visit.)

  All that to say, Bella is going with us!  I’m glad we had a trip planned to distract her from missing her visit, but I think it will be a hard several days.


  The 10 hour car ride?  You could pray for that.


I just can’t wait to be in community with other people with the same heart, and to be poured into with wisdom and challenge to parent these kiddos well.  (Also, it’s warmer in Dallas.  WhooHooo!)


  Hopefully when it’s all over I’ll have some resources to share!  If you’re going, let me know, I’d love to meet you!


  1. Oh Maggie, I am headed to Dallas this weekend to spend a weekend home from college with my family. I SO wish I was going, but it turns out my parents decided to skip out on this one :( I would have loved to meet you!! I hope you have a refreshing time and that your girls do great during the drive!

  2. Have a great time. I'd like some pointers for surviving a 10 hour car trip when you return...so long as you survive. ;)

  3. I get to hear Dr. Purvis at the Alliance Summit in May, I'm sooo excited!!! Have fun!

  4. Katherine - We did the 12 hours out to Colorado and back and it wasn't so bad. It's all about expectations. :)

    Kylee - Maybe next time! I'm sure this won't be our last conference in Dallas!

  5. Have fun! Wish we were going! We did a 19.5 hour car trip with all of our kids and it was long but we made it! Snacks, movies, toys, earplugs for mom! HA!


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