February 1, 2012

over sharing.

I’ve had lots I’ve wanted to post.


But when you kids come back to you from Mom and Dad’s bearing little gifts like







…you get a little preoccupied. 


  This is the second little gift that we’ve gotten from Ms. Bella (this is definitely the better of the two.).  Lice are not a huge deal, but are definitely enough to rain on a otherwise happy go lucky day.


  So we’ve been treating, and picking, and washing, and washing, and washing….

and washing.

lots of laundry.  did I mention that?

Luckily I’m a natural picker.  I’ve probably mentioned that before.  I actually don’t mind when my kids get cradle cap, because like I said, I’m a picker.  So we’ve been doing a lot of nit-picking.



The kicker is, she got it at home on her last visit.  They all sleep in the same bed.  She is going back home for another visit in approximately 30 minutes, where, in all likelihood, she will just pick it up again and bring it back.  Then we’ll treat it, and three days later she’ll go back.

Well.  You get the idea.

We’re trying to get her visit extended so that they can just completely get rid of it at their house so we aren’t swapping parasites back and forth.  I love Bella and all, but I don’t need her parasites.


Good news?  No sign of it on Sylvie, Naomi, or Brian and I.  So far so good.


Excuse me, I just heard the dryer stop.  Time for another load.


  1. Listerine works really good to take care of lice. I had two beauties come into my home with drug resistant lice. Nothing I did could get rid of them. The science behind Listerine working is that it suffocates them. See this article about benzyl alcohol - Listerine works the same way.

    I used it twice on my girls - several days apart. By the time I did it a third time, the lice were gone. This was after trying every other thing (Rx and OTC) that I could try.

    Of course, my girls had minty fresh hair. But it sure beat nit picking day after day after day after day. (And I'm a "picker" too. LOL)

    Feel free to message me (cherubmamma at gmail.com) if you want to know how I did it specifically. My poor girls had been through every Rx and some horrific treatments by their bio families. It was such a relief to finally get it gone. In their 8 & 9 years of life, they told me they didn't remember a time when they were lice free.

  2. Oh, yuck. Do you think it was just bad luck that she got it there, or do you think it is a reflection of how their home life?

  3. Sheesh! Hope you're bug free soon!

  4. oh, the dreaded lice...i am so glad that you guys haven't gotten it AND that the poor kid even has hair to get it in! i hope the worker is telling the family that THEY need to get rid of it too!

  5. Tea tree oil works as a deterent for lice, rub some in before you send her home!!

  6. Oh man, Maggie, you are one patient lady! How frustrating?!

  7. ick, enough said. Good luck, hope it doesn`t come back this time around.


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