February 8, 2012

uuhh. Thoughts.


Well, things are pretty good around here.


For the rest of the month Bella has visits Wednesdays through Sundays.  That’s right, she’s only at our house full time Mondays and Tuesdays.  It’s kind of weird.

I miss her.

And somehow I’m not sure that this gradual letting go is going to make the final goodbye any easier.  Not for my heart.




We thought that Bella came back from her visit this week sans parasites. 

Until last night, when we found more nits.

They had her checked at the health department before she came back, and they gave her the ok, but apparently the health department can’t find nits. 


Not sure where to go from here.  It doesn’t even seem to cross the caseworker’s mind what a pain is to be sending them back and forth.  I believe I’m gonna have to put my foot down shortly.




We went this weekend to visit Brian’s brother and his family.  They have a brand new baby girl (eeek!) who was so soft and snuggly I almost wanted to get pregnant again right now.  Actually, I wouldn’t cross it off the list of possibilities.  (no.  this is not an announcement.)


We managed to get through the entire weekend with a grand total of about two pictures.  How did we do that??  Also, can’t find the camera.  Wow.  We are on top of it.


Here are the two pictures that made it through the weekend on my phone.



Helping uncle Daniel carry Genevieve out to the car.  It takes lots of helpers.



Big hugs.  I think they like each other.



Less than a month until (supposedly) Bella leaves.

There will be a post on this.

My heart does not like it.




If you have e-mailed me or otherwise contacted me with questions and such – PLEASE know that I am making an effort to get back to you, and that I am not just ignoring you!  I have no excuse except that I have been using all my free time to sew (clothes for the girls!  newly found love of quilting!  so many projects!).  I love to sew.

Sew, I will be getting back to you.  Promise.  (did you catch that?) (I’m a dork.)


I think that’s all the random thoughts today.

Hopefully I’ll get to a better post tomorrow.  You know, with actual paragraphs.  And punctuation.  We’ll see.


  1. You are a dork. And that's why we love you. Love, your sister.

  2. Tonight is the first overnight visit for our 22 month old and his mother. He has never lived with her. While I am proud of her for getting serious about engaging in services for the first time in nearly 2 years, I am very sad to be close to losing the little boy we thought we'd be adopting. You all are in our prayers. Please pray for us.


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