March 19, 2012

11 Months.

For a little while you had me fooled.

I thought you were going to be my quiet one, maybe slightly calmer than your sister.  Less ornery? 



Does that face look less ornery to you?

You had me fooled, but not any more.  You are a bouncy, bubbly, excited, and energetic little Popp with enough chutzpah for two or three little eleven month olds.

And you bring me so much joy, joy, joy.



  I think that, right now, what most defines your personality is your sense of humor.  You think almost anything is hilarious.  You have a variety of giggles, chuckles, belly laughs – and you use them all very liberally.  All I have to do is look at you and say your name and you giggle.  You also get so excited at the slightest prompting.  I wish I had a good picture of your excited face, because it is priceless.




Of course, you’re happy most of the time, but you’ve also got the drama queen gig down pat.  If one of your sisters takes something away from you, or you can’t get your hands on what you want, you crumple into the most pitiful cry I’ve ever seen.  The size of your cry matches the size of your petite little frame and it breaks my heart, even when I know it is completely contrived.  If you get really sad you lay down on the floor with your face down.  It’s pitiful.




You love to be held, I think in part because as long as I’m holding you, you know you’re safe from your sisters.  You also love to snuggle, which melts this mama’s heart. 

You wave hello and goodbye now and clap for yourself all the time.  Super cute. 



Getting an early Easter sugar high from your Aunt Shelly.  Yes.  That is a chocolate moustache.

Your sisters love you.  You’re starting to play with them more and more.  Sometimes you and Sylvia will just go back and forth making each other laugh.  You already have a sister bond, and I love it.

I love watching your little personality develop.  And you have got quite a bit of personality in that little body of yours.  Speaking of which, we weighed you just after you turned 10 months and you were a whopping 15 pounds.  You’re still in 6-12 month clothes, and most people don’t believe me when I tell them you’re almost one.  Your just gonna be itty bitty like your mama.

You babble all the time now, and you’re pretty loud most of the time.  You’ve just started using Mama on purpose when you’re upset and want me, or if you really want to nurse. 



You are crawling all over and you are into everything.  You’ve recently started standing on your own, and I don’t think that walking is far off.  (You’re going to look like a little six month old walking around.)  You seem to be a climber, and also a little Houdini.  Keeping you strapped into any kind of high chair is essentially impossible.  I’ve just given in and keep an eagle eye on you while you eat your dinner standing.

We put you in your crib at the beginning of the night, and most nights you get in about three hours in your crib before you come into bed with us (six tops).  Soon we’ll start putting you back to sleep and putting you back in your crib, but I’m in no hurry to give up getting to snuggle you.



You are quite the little eater all of a sudden, and you’ll eat anything on my plate.  You’re nursing and eating more, although I don’t think you’ll be weaning yourself anytime soon.  Thank goodness.




  I love you and your beautiful spirit.


Love you, love you, love you,


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